reflections on New Word Alive

Just got back last night from Pwllheli, Wales, where I attended, along with about 26 other CF members, New Word Alive, described as “a meeting of minds and hearts as we gather with thousands of other Christians, praising God and praying together, united by the gospel of Jesus Christ.” (cf. website here:

Without a doubt, this was by far the most impactful Christian camp / conference / event I have ever attended, and I intend to write a series of reflective pieces in an attempt to document all that I’ve gained from His speaking to me over the last 6 days – both for my own benefit, and hopefully, for you as well, the reader.

Why a series of blog posts (rather than 1 consolidated piece)? There are primarily two reasons: firstly, there was just so much good stuff that came out of NWA that I probably would not be able to contain in a single coherent piece; secondly, I would also like to take some time to ruminate over the teaching, worship, and overall experience before I expound on it, and hopefully this additional contemplation would correspond to a greater clarity in my writing, which would benefit the reader as well.

As a preliminary guide (for myself, primarily), perhaps it would be helpful to give an outline of the subsequent posts I will be writing. There will be at least these 4:

  1. two transforming truths
  2. you can change – how to walk with Christ
  3. evangelism – the heart of Christ for the lost
  4. true worship – singing the gospel truths

before I went to NWA, I asked God to refresh my spirit, wearied by the struggles of work, life, and the walk of faith itself. And He, the ever faithful God, heard my cry, and in His typically abundant grace gave me far more than I needed. To say that NWA was merely “encouraging” or “refreshing” would be a severe understatement; for me personally, it was life-changing. In my walk with God I had unwarily picked up and accepted certain lies or half-truths about Him, and during this conference, I thank Him for breaking these chains, releasing me to finally fully desire Him in the way that I should.

so then, I hope to serve a few objectives in writing this. firstly, I hope to document this experience so that when I am, inevitably, feeling spiritually weary again I can re-visit the Word that He has given me, so as to be reminded of His amazing grace; secondly, I hope to benefit you, my reader and friend, especially if you are feeling weary, discouraged or dishearted in your walk with God; and thirdly, and most importantly, I hope to give all glory to God – for He is deserving of all praise.

to God be the glory.


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