on sanctification

I used to think sanctification was a bit like pushing a boulder up a hill. It was hard, slow work, and if you lost concentration you might find yourself back at the bottom. But it’s more like a boulder rolling down a hill. There’s something inevitable about it, because it’s God’s work and God always succeeds. The sad thing is that often I try to push the boulder back up the hill. I say, in effect: “Don’t change me yet – I like doing that sin.”

– Tim Chester, You Can Change (at 62)

Sanctification is the work of God in our life. We respond in faith and repentance (as we did when we first came to Christ), but it is Him who is doing the changing.

But how often do we lose sight of this? I, for one, readily fall into thinking that I am the one who’s working, striving to change myself; that my outward acts will somehow work to alter my inward, sinful, rebellious heart.

Lord, help me to change the way I pray. Instead of “Father, please help me to change” – “Father, help me to let go and let You change me.”


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