sovereign hands

I recently compiled a playlist of all my favourite Hillsong United songs from days gone by, and Mia Fieldes’ Sovereign Hands has to be one of the best. (lyrics below)


Sovereign hands
Nailed to a humble cross
Scars You bear
Speak of Your redeeming love
No wonder I call You the Saviour
No wonder I’m singing
God of all the heavens
Now and ‘til forever
High above the universe
God of my redemption
God of my surrender
The glory is Yours

Sovereign God 
Laying down a holy life
Heaven’s Son 
Willing to be crucified

Open hands
Given to a sovereign cause
All I am
God will be forever Yours

(I especially love the reversal in the final verse, where we sing of our response – our “open hands” – to the love of the sovereign Father.)

Mia is such a gifted songwriter; her lyrics are always so laden with truth that cuts straight to the heart. Have a listen to All For Love, another of her songs which I shared recently ( Just beautiful.


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