would I officiate a wedding for two unbelievers?

One of the recent ‘hot topics’ in evangelical circles is that of marriage. In fact, two prominent preachers in the US have published books in the past year on this very topic: Tim Keller (The Meaning of Marriage) and Mark Driscoll (Real Marriage).

Marriage is God’s idea – not a human institution – and is an imperfect copy of the perfect love between Christ and His bride, the church. It is sad to see how God’s institution of marriage has been marred so deeply by sinful man in our postmodern culture.

Interestingly, The Gospel Coalition is running two blogposts in parallel today on the topic: Would I Officiate a Wedding for Two Unbelievers? Deepak Reju says yes, while Russell Moore says no. A disclaimer should be proffered at this point – both columnists are agreed on the fundamental doctrines regarding marriage, but differ slightly on the role of the church in solemnizing the marital covenants. I commend both reads to you, if only to raise your attention to some of the key issues relating to marriage.


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