Is it really better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all?



so… i’ve just started tumblr?

yeah it does seem that way. 

why? hmm.

i believe that underneath the surface, no matter what a blogger tells you, there is an ethereal narcissism to why he writes – he wants others to read his writing, he wants them to marvel at his wit, he wants the attention to himself. and i must admit that there is such an attraction for me.

however i’d like to believe my motivations are (slightly) more noble than merely that. 

i want to write. it’s something that i’ve felt like doing for a while now. i’ve been inspired by some great writers in my lifetime, inter alia, C.S. lewis, neil gaiman, agatha christie, tolstoy, etc. although i doubt i would ever even tend towards the heights these individuals have achieved, i like a challenge. and i’d like to indulge myself. 

moreover, i love music. music is, has been, and will always be an integral part of my existence. and related to my desire to write, is my desire to write songs. in my relatively short lifetime i’ve come to appreciate and admire great singer/songwriters – john mayer, chris martin (coldplay), reuben morgan, brooke fraser, jason mraz, jimmy needham, john legend, jason wade (lifehouse), and the list goes on. to be able to write beautiful lyrics – now that would be a dream.

i guess what i’m trying to say is that i’ve decided to start tumblr again to stoke the flame of the creative parts of my mind once again. in about 3 months i’d have completed 2 years of law school, which in itself is great; it’s just that i feel that i’ve become invariably dull and uninteresting. 

tumblr will thus be my collection of musings. songs, lyrics, anything i’ve encountered that has inspired me. and maybe, just maybe, when i’ve started putting things down on the proverbial paper and the creative juices start flowing, with God’s grace, who knows what could happen? 

all because of a simple tumblr page.

that i’ve just started.

on impulse.